Journey Award Recipient

Journey Award recipient for 2020

Jesse & Meghan Edberg found out in January 2020 that their son William has Angelman Syndrome. They have found ways to get him physical, occupational and speech therapy. They find every way possible to give William as typical of a life as possible. Their second son (Henry) is neurotypical and they do a great job of having both boys feel special. They are nominated for the Journey Award because they both work full time but are still doing a marvelous job of seeing that their boys enjoy all the world has to offer.

Jesse and Meghan put in day to day effort to make sure these boys have a full and typical life without letting Angelman Syndrome define their path. They are involved in the Angelman community helping other families, raising money for FAST and finding ways to help aid in the finding of a cure for this syndrome.

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At the Heart

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Do you know a parent who deserves recognition for all that they give to their family? The Journey Award was created with the hope of touching a parent on a challenging journey. While they may not see what they are doing as special because they love their children, those around them see the caretaking, tireless advocacy, and unconditional love for their children. The individuals selected will receive a custom-made heart stone, an award certificate explaining why they were nominated, and $500.
The Journey Award is in honor of Jack and Nancy McCue (one of our founding board members). Nancy lost Jack at the age of 15 by suicide. Jack was a person who cared more for other people than he did for himself. Our goal is to honor families like Nancy & Jack who do not realize how special they are!

Journey Award honors Jack