Tom Hoel and Sarah Mason are a married couple who met later in life. Between them they have five children, four of whom are still living. Together they have experienced excruciating parenting pain and challenges. From the passing of one child to other children with challenges ranging from physical to mental health disorders, Tom and Sarah have felt firsthand the heartbreaks and stress in standing by, unable at times to help their children.

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Fueled by their shared pain, they are on a mission to use that pain as a catalyst for purpose and mission to help other parents on a challenging journey.  


Family Achievement Foundation provides love, support, and resources for parents on a challenging journey.


The journey of parenting is challenging no matter what obstacles may be in the way. We know that adding in special needs and mental health concerns makes it all the more difficult. On top of stress and worry is the exhaustive search for resources and connections to help take your child to the next level. Our foundation is here to help you find relief, comfort, and resources along the way.


Family Achievement Foundation exists to help parents on a challenging journey. Whether that be for special needs or mental health concerns, our community will do our best to build meaningful resources that cover a broad range of parenting challenges.